Portfolio Indoor Positioning System


It's my final papper project on University of Indonesia (UI) Depok. Developed 3D real-time Indoor Navigation System on iOS using Swift 3 (native). Built with Cocoa Touch framework for 3D game engine, Scenekit and Socket.IO to provide incredible real-time communication. To support the system I develop a Java-based application along with Socket.IO server as well. It's still in development especially at the design aspect.



  • Navigation & positioning
  • Chat
  • Flight schedule update
  • Customer monitoring
  • Location based advertisement/information


  • iOS 9+ with Swift 3
  • Realtime communication (navigation & chat) using Socket
  • Game engine based 3D Indoor Maps
  • Automatic popup ads based on location
  • Searchable area
  • Restful api


Name Version Developer
Socket.IO Client Swift 11.1.0 Socket.IO
Scenekit N/A Apple
Socket.IO Server 1.7.21 Corundum Studio
Spring Framework 4.3.4 Spring